Welcome to Tetbury. Open for business again

To celebrate Tetbury opening many of its shops and businesses once again Tetbury’s new Mayor Cllr Ann Pearce assisted by Tetbury’s Town Crier Tony Evans officially welcomed all to Tetbury. This was Anns’ first official public engagement and what a day. As the town Crier began to shout his welcome Ann was visibly overjoyed when she was presented with an impromptu bouquet of flowers from one of the many workers in the town to say thank you for making such a lovely gesture to mark this occasion of a return to normality for many of Tetbury is warm and welcoming businesses and shops and of course the bouquet was made by’s own flower shop Scentiments. Ann and Tony along with Cllr Kevin Painter Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, then did a tour of the town popping into as many diverse shops as possible. And she was delighted to hear that already many of the shops had been quite busy, and she is looking forward to assisting the regeneration of the town as much as humanly possible. She’s already been given quite a few ideas that will be discussed at one of the council committee meetings. and obviously wishing them all good luck in what is going to be a challenging new time. Kevin added “I’ve always said it’s the people that live and work here that make it a place you want to return to again and again and of course the diversity of different businesses and shops that make it a true market town, a working market town. a welcoming market town, I think we should all thank the shops and businesses that continued working through the crisis are waiting for their friends to be allowed to open their doors once again making Tetbury the perfect shopping destination.”