Council Update.

On Thursday 11th June our interim Clerk Tara Niblet along with our
3 District Councillors Attended a presentation from PJA who has been engaging with CDC to look at the Town Centre to make it more accessible to pedestrians and allowing the social distancing 2metres.
Tara said “We have been advised that CDC along with PJA are trying to engage with GCC to look at the possibility of closing Long Street, should this not be viable they are looking at removing the on-street parking along Long Street and making all pavements a one-way system. The carriageway width in Long Street has been reduced and bus stops moved.”
Other suggestions put forward she added are Retaining the parking along Market Place but providing additional footways by encroaching on the main road. Look at widening the footpath on the South East side of Church Street. When leaving Chipping Street car park all vehicles will be directed onto Cirencester Road this will retain all the parking spaces on-street and make the pavement a one way system.
In total we will be losing approximately 22 car park spaces
Joe Harris advised that CDC are putting aside a pot of money to assist Town and Parish Councils to make these changes aesthetically appealing with planters etc.
Tara concluded by saying
“We need to engage with more businesses and request they respond to the business survey which is in the pack that Cllr Ind has been distributing, or please use they the link below
If you have any comments please forward to me by email , before noon on Monday, once all responses have been collated I will work with our District Councillors to forward this information to CDC and PJA. are”