A New Petition To Stop The Cotswold District Council Increase Of Car Parking Fees By 30%: Should CDC Be Behind Cars, Or Are They Just Rotten To The Car?

Cotswold District Council are planning to increase parking charges by 30%, in their car parks on September 1st 2020

Increasing charges now is a mistake. Our smaller retailers need all the help they can get. This will make it even more difficult for them to start getting back on their feet.

Businesses in Tetbury and the Cotswolds will be doubly disadvantaged as they will be also competing with places that never had car parking charges in the first place. This inconsistency has always grated with many people. This will make life much harder for business owners as they try to recover from lockdown. Parking charges have and are killing High Streets. And now we have the council ploughing ahead with plans that seem to take no account of that.

The government are encouraging people to use their cars instead of public transport when cycling or walking aren’t an option. CDC should think again. And should be looking at alternatives, such as free parking, or even as some have the first three hours free, especially as these are available in our neighbouring towns, admittedly under a different a District Council!

We all know how much people want to support their local retailers, especially now. Please click on the link and please sign the petition below so we can pressure Cotswold District Council to rethink this.