Useful advice

Business Signage – Simple Guidelines

Tetbury Town Centre is a major part of the Tetbury Conservation Area and as such attracts a number of rules and regulations when it comes to the appearance of the business premises in the prescribed area. Recently there have been a number of instances when retailers have carried out alterations to their shop fronts or signage that have had to be the subject of retrospective planning applications for consent to replace fascia signage.

As a rule, the following guidelines can be followed.

  • Any planned extension, alteration or change of use of a listed building should be referred to Cotswold District Council’s Conservation Department.
  • Any planned extension, alteration or change of use referring to a building in a Conservation Area should also be referred to the Conservation Department.

Regarding shop fronts and signage, care has to be taken that any alterations have to be in keeping with the special character or appearance of the Conservation Area in general. Particular attention has to be made to siting, scale, proportions, design, colour, and materials of any new or altered advertisements.

For replacement fascia signage permission has to be sought using an Advertisement Application. Following these simple rules will remove any future anxiety and hassle from the Planning Department.