Tetbury Business Cleans Up

An exciting new Super Sanitiser is being launched by local Tetbury business – Insight Medical Products Ltd.

Insight Medical Products Ltd have just celebrated their 20-year anniversary, during which time they have been able to grow the business three fold, and have always looked to employ locally. Managing Director, Wayne Hillman, stated that the success of the company is down to both good staff and good products.

The company already manufactures a variety of medical products to do be used in the head and neck arena, as well as theatre consumables and veterinary catheters, however, Wayne is keen to add another product to the IMP ltd catalogue with Aktivora.

Aktivora is an exciting new product, which will leave you confident that your premises are both clean and sanitised, as it is certified to eradicate Coronavirus, E-Coli, Staphylococcus and many more. Its winning formula allows it to lay down an invisible protective layer with electrostatic positive charge, that will continue to kill anything that comes into contact with it, and as it is completely alcohol free, it is kind to both skin and the environment. Wayne said: “ I was excited and eager to be able to supply this new product, and whilst we would ordinarily supply medical and business users directly, we believe this product will benefit everyone, and we are keen to reach out to our local community, especially as business’ are beginning to open up again, to try to ensure we keep Tetbury, its residence and our visitors as safe as possible”.

If you wish to find out about this exciting new product, please call Insight Medical Products on:
01666 500055, or email them on: info@insightmedical.net.