Putting Unity back into CommUnity.

The Priory Inn responded to Government instructions for all cafes, pubs and restaurants to close during the Covid-19 pandemic, and has gone from pub to food delivery service. However the doors of The Priory Inn may be closed, but the business isn’t. In fact they are constantly updating and introducing new lines of their home delivery box service by teaming up with Local companies, to help and support them. Local Vegetable Box​​​ £10.Halls Cake Box​​​ £10,Arkells Wine Box £50,Local Fruit Box​​​ £10,Halls Gluten Free Box​​​ £10,Arkells Ale Box £10,Hobbs Bread Box​​​ £10,Jesse Smith Meat Box​​​ £20,BBQ Box £15,Priory Kids Box £5,Godsell’s Cheese Box £10
Local Salad Box £10. And now they have teamed up with Halls The Quality Bakers to offer fresh home made 400g baguette £0.90p just add it to your order via the online ordering system. In fact while some other businesses were closing their doors business partners Neil and Kate took a courageous leap of faith by opening the new stargazy fish and chip shops they felt it would be good for morale of the town and also they can offer fantastic service with their free home delivery for senior residents of fish and chips for only £3.00. and available from 12 noon- 2.00pm and 5.00pm until 9.00pm. Kate said ‘’ that she was proud of her team who will do everything they can to help it more vulnerable in our community at this time need.” Neil added Of course this will complement the other services on offer from the New Priory Inn, such as the Priory on wheels service were again a wide senior menu is available for home delivery for only £4.95 so whatever your taste or requirements there is something for everyone from pizza delivery to Sunday roast dinners for £5.95 to order or for further information please ring 01666 502251. Or use the link https://www.orderfrom.co.uk/prioryinntetbury. congratulations and well done on offer in such a much-needed service for our community. You have been inspiration to many.