Some sad news …

January 9, 2015

It is with regret that that we have to inform you that Esther Scott from BOHO sadly passed away at The Priory on 30th December.

Esther (right) with Pat

Esther (right) with Pat

Tetbury has indeed lost one of its best friends and an adopted daughter our town. We have always been blessed with a warmth and Esther was a big part of that blessing, anyone who met her usually came away with smile as she had the most infectious smile even when she was tired or in pain.

She was a compassionate lady who went out of her way to help people and this town and she was instrumental in the setting up of the Tetbury Tourism Group and working with the Tetbury Chamber of Commerce. Her quiet way of talking to us with pure common sense and endless enthusiasm for our town and the people who live here and work here and indeed visitors was an inspiration.

We loved Ester and the how she could influence us and would share her lovely smile and her optimistic outlook on life, and of course her loyalty to her friends and the town, what higher legacy could there be.

Goodnight Esther, it has been our privilege to have known you and our loss is indeed heavens gain and let us all embrace hope for the future as Esther would have liked us all to do.

There is a Memorial Service on Sunday 11th January, 3:00pm at The Close Hotel, Tetbury. Everybody is welcome.